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OfficeServ 7100

OfficeServ 7100

Performance Right Out of the Box: A compact hardworking system that expands with your business

The OfficeServ 7100 can expand along with your business in 4-port increments and is capable of handling up to eight incoming lines with as many as 32 stations.


IP Office Telephones provide functionality and flexibility for small to mid-sized businesses. These Avaya IP Office phones will show you the value of your IP Office investment. The IP Office telephones are user friendly and can be tailored to your specific business needs. Features like a built-in display, clear voice quality, and programmable feature keys help employees perform their functions more easily. 


We carry a full line of Nortel Norstar Merdian business phone systems. Starting from the Norstar compact 3x8 business phone system, including the 616 business telephone system, the 8x24 modular Nortel phone system, the Compact ICS business office phone system cics and the meridian modular MICS office business telephone system.